Rich Nutritious Fruit Smoothies

When I am traveling I do buy a lot of raw fruit and veges to eat but finding a fruit smoothie is good, an organic one is better and a totally raw, organic one is fantastic. If you check the video page you will see a group of American and Canadian backpackers extolling the virtues of a raw smoothie bar hidden away in a side street in Chiang Mai in Thailand. It is accompanied by a few photos and an article. So finding the bar and seeing how many other travelers were equally surprised and excited pushed me to creating this website. It will provide a directory of healthy food and raw food establishments around the world.

Healthy Muesli, Yoghurt And Fruit.

So there is more. Excitement and enthusiasm. Again in Chiang Mai in Thailand I was pointed to a market where I could get a healthy breakfast. I am always skeptical when I hear this but lo and behold there was a young lady serving muesli with beautiful local yoghurt and a big pile of tropical fruits on the top. Absolutely scrumptious. Now to say this was popular is an understatement.

In the early morning there were about 50 stalls open for business and out of around 40 or 50 customers, 15 of them would be eating breakfast at this one stall. In fact for many hours of the day the fifteen chairs at the stand were taken by a mixture of travelers from every nationality and a couple of locals. Every one enjoyed the breakfast of muesli, piled high with fresh tropical fruits and topped with delicious local yoghurt. She had a wider menu but everybody seemed to buy the same thing. And of course everybody thanked the lady for the breakfast.

Again in the video section you will see a short video and a story.Use the directory to look ahead for this type of establishment and if you see one take the photo, get the address and let us know.

So What Are We Looking For And Including?

Well any business that stands out as a supplier of raw food meals or as close to as possible in areas where they are not normally found. We will try to list whatever we find country by country. Included will be last known address, menu of healthy foods. photo and comments. So we hope this will help those of you who wish to stay healthy while traveling.

This week in Southern Philippines there is almost no such thing as raw food. Salads are rare and even the humble vegetable is disappearing from the dinner plates but fruit abounds and almost every kind. A magnificent array of healthy fruits. There are some vegetable growing fields I discovered on the way to Mt Apo. we climbed this extinct volcano, Well almost extinct as there are still some active sulphur springs up the sides. The preferred path is 26 hrs of climbing in three days. that includes stops. as there are no tracks and so you tend to go full bore for as long as practicable then rest, catch you breath and then go again. But an exhilarating experience. Cannot wait until next time. So no restaurants or cafes so far with raw food but that fact always challenges.


We now have over 100 websites up and running although not all having fantastic content yet. We are still working on that. All natural health of course. The next frontier is taking it to the teens and we have tried a couple of times but been frustrated by unfortunate selection of contractors. The teens are the purchasers of the future. They are also dropping like flies in the western world with sickness and disease. So the time has come to do something about it. We started work again using a development team in the Southern Philippines so let us know your thoughts about the raw food section. We know there are plenty of American devotees who are still teenagers.

Please go to the contact us page and let us know your thoughts!