Raw Food Around The World

Article 1:Around The World

Around the world the worst places to get raw food or even good healthy food are often the places we come from. But to actually get raw food prepared as raw food is very rare although it is getting easier as the backpackers become more tuned in to their health. Everybody knows why it is so important. But just to slip through the main reasons we will find health is more important when we are traveling. Much more!! As we are exposed to many more bugs, bacteria, viruses etc when going through most countries that are top backpacker destinations. Our immune system needs to be kept in good shape. Believe most cooked foods are much worse for our immune system than fresh fruits and vegetables even if the washing procedure is questionable. It is a case of nutrients versus no nutrients assisting the immune system to handle each and every situation for us. back home any person who ingests 80% or more of raw food as part of their daily diet will rarely ever get colds, flu or any other passing disease. The other main reason is weight as many foods are cheaper than at home so we can over indulge on a regular basis.

Article 2:Quality Of Foods

Cooked foods are often subject to questionable practices such as reheating and re refrigerating. Now all our medical experts warn us of the dangers and we tend to play off the price and quality of food against the opportunity to join more little adventures and see much more of the countries we are visiting. Many of the cheapest and most exciting countries also have quite good supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables at local markets and many of their growing practices are less toxic than ours.

Eating a percentage of Raw is a matter of hunting out places which sell a healthy breakfast such as the one described in the ;sat page. Then smoothies are available in some places even organic smoothies and green smoothies. green smoothies have become popular in the western countries where regular consumption of fresh greens has become less popular. A handful of greens in a tasty smoothie can hardly be noticed and sometimes it is even complimentary to the rich flavors of the fruits. The greens are very high in the nutrients which benefit circulation and the quality of bones, muscle and connecting tissue. All of which get a hammering if you take a few long treks in the mountains. In the contact section we list some of the websites which have much information in these matters.

Cheers for now!