Benefits Of Raw Food

The hardest part of writing this article is getting started because there are so many benefits and getting them in order of priority is the important factor. I think enzymes and micronutrients stand out as the prime benefits.

Raw food can be powdered, fermented, dehydrated, blended, juiced and even warmed up to below 50 degrees centigrade. So you are not limited to grabbing a handful of it and chewing away. That would make the thought of raw food a little scary although thousands of years ago that is what the developing humans did. And the fact was that they not only survived as a species but grew stronger and smarter. Clearly as a group of nations we are doing the wrong thing as we descend into sickness and depression. Well basically both are eating disorders. thats right eating disorders!! But you will say the brain is where mental disorders come from but guess what the brain also has to be fed. feed it junk and you get no better output than the diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart disease scenario that our bodies are subject to. Okay I am sorry if it sounds like you and I are included in the numbers. We know better don’t we? But we had to start somewhere and many millions of people have not yet found the starting point. So let them know!

There are two forms of diet which involve raw food. Detoxing diets and maintenance diets and they are totally different. The detox diet is the one to go on when you are sick or even first showing a few symptoms. Whichever it is, wanting to get healthy or needing to get healthy. the diet which makes the changes is the detox diet. Yes it is different for everybody along basic sensible lines. the detox diet needs more strict attention and motivation. It is preferably all raw.

The maintenance diet is one which is a healthy diet but only makes small positive steps and yes you need this one whenever you are not on the detox diet otherwise you go backwards. The maintenance diet can be fully raw food with many healthy indulgences or you can drop down to 80% raw. it is still good to be very critical of your food intake. Maybe stay vegan but with some cooked foods.


So with all that background the first major benefit is enzymes which are otherwise killed when food is heated. Enzymes are very important as they help us digest and get nutrients from our food. Enzymes are also responsible for making food go rotten. It breaks down to form quality soil for the next generation of plants to grow in. So the supermarkets have to eliminate enzymes so their foods always look fresh. The body does produce enzymes itself but with aggressive modern eating practices the pancreas cannot keep up the supply.
Modern foods laced with chemicals are hard to break down.


The next benefit of the raw food diet is that your body will find its natural weight before long. It just happens as you get healthier you do not have to think about it or try to achieve any special weight. Activities will of course affect the result but you will have the energy to get active and so it will be enjoyable. The important factor here is that detoxification will also happen automatically and this is very necessary when loosing weight. Fatty tissue supports lots of toxins which the body cannot eliminate so they can migrate to organ tissue if there is not a suitable detoxification process in place.


Many minerals and vitamins are lost in the cooking process. If you remember back to the science lab when we put the bunsen burner under the test tube with one or two chemical substances in it, there was normally a reaction which meant the molecular structure changed. The same thing happens in heating foods as the mineral compounds change normally to ones which are indigestible by humans. Milk is a great example where we lost access to the calcium once the milk became pasteurized. It is still in there but in a form which we cannot digest. Micronutrients


The limbs and joints are constantly being replaced cell by cell and of course the modern way to do it is to go to the doctor and have a new knee or hip using plastic parts. The aftermath of operations are painful and normally restricting for many months and sometimes years. A short period on raw foods will often eliminate all of the pains and aches all over the body. Tissue regeneration clears up things like ganglions, tennis elbow, bone spurs and wrist problems but at the same time the quality and strength of the associated tissue is improved making further problems less likely and avoiding arthritic infestations in those body areas.
More to come and watch for articles.